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Hurt Quotes And Being Hurt Sayings

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It is truly said that the best feeling in the world is the feeling of love. But love mostly brings with itself a painful disease called attachment. Attachment in the end only hurts us. Attachment comes when we expect something out of love, therefore when we love someone or something, we should forget about expectations. Hoping is better than expected because expectations always hurt. Getting hurt is the worst feeling in the world, it is directly felt by the heart. It makes the heartache with the pain of broken expectations, therefore expectations are really poisonous, they can make anyone die inside, which is worse than literally dying because dying once is better than dying daily. (hurt quotes)

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Today’s generation is greatly active on social media because it is a technological world with interest ruling it! In fact, most of the people in this world are broken-hearted. The internet and social media are full of hurt quotes, love hurt quotes, painful quotes, quotes on hurt, feelings quotes, hurting quotes, love hurt quotes, etc. Research says that Quotes on love and breakup are much trending everywhere on the internet than any other topic. Therefore, when you feel low or hurt and want to read some relatable content, then just browse the internet and the social media and search for the heart touching quotes or the broken heart quotes and you’re done. You can search for any feeling you’re literally feeling anytime and even can upload the painful and relatable quotes as your status as hurt status on your social media accounts. More or less, there is a lot of content available for the broken hearted people too, they just need to search for heartbroken quotes, love pain Quotes, it hurts quotes, etc. And then can dissolve in them completely, mostly when they’re lying over their bed, they can read those painful and relatable quotes and can wet their pillows.

This world is mostly full of pain. That is the real world, here moments of happiness are few but moments of sadness are many. That’s the real-life! The person who learns to deal with the real-life skillfully and get a lot of experience and doesn’t expect much from anything lives a life full of peace. It is correctly said that we should never expect anything from anyone because, even our closed ones can break them at any point of life, and that’s the reality of life. So, never expect anything from anyone and then see the change in your life.

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