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Famous Gulzar Shayari

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Gulzar Shayari Quotes – Gulzar Sahab, the name that you all must have heard in the field of poetry or Shayari. The living legend, Gulzar Sahab is a writer, lyricist, and poet by profession. But he is more of a poet. His poetry or Shayari style marks an impact on people. Even today’s youth also appreciate his works of Shayari.

Shayari could be of many types – love, sad, life(Zindagi), happy, and many more. Gulzar Sahab has been magnificent in his poetry writing. His intellect reflects in his writing. The depth of a Shayari is a measure of how proficient shayar is. Gulzar Sahab has been the best in writing depth and relatable content in the field of Shayari.

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Gulzar Famous Shayari

A person in his life, goes through multiple emotions when he experiences a breakup with the person he admires or a loved one leaving him.

Some drown themselves in deep sorrows and let that affect for a long time; while others use that pain as a source of motivation. Such people impart all their energy towards achieving that they always wanted.

The words that get out from a broken heart, are pure and reflect on the person’s current state of mind. You can check out below given deep Shayari from such a poet who got his heartbroken and came out shining!

We have brought Gulzar Shayari quotes, life Shayari, Zindagi Shayari, Sad Shayari, and Shayari quotes that can mesmerize and motivate you in hard times. Hope you like it.

Gulzar Shayaris

Shayari is used as both the song and the dance form. With regards to the song, the Shayari sings a few lines of the original Khoob. The song can be played by the intonation of the first few notes of the Khoob in the English language. The first note of the Khoob can be translated as A in the English language. The second and third notes have a very minor difference in the English language. Therefore, it is easy to sing along with this dance. When you are watching this dance form and you happen to hear the Indian artist singing, you will realize that he has used this Shatash Samakh.

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