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Bill Gates Motivational & Inspirational Quotes

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Bill Gates Quotes ( Motivational & Inspirational )

William Henry Gates III a.k.a. Bill Gates is an American Business Magnate! He was born on 28 October 1955 at Seattle, Washington, United States. He is most famously known for Microsoft. Gates is the founder of Microsoft, one of the biggest software company in the world! He had married Melinda French Gates and together they founded Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the largest private charitable foundation in the world through which they contribute to the betterment of the society and try to remove poverty by donating their wealth.

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Bill Gates Motivational Quotes

They have three children – 2 daughters and 1 son. Bill Gates was the richest man in the world previously, now dethroned by Jeff Bezos, the founder, and chairman of Amazon. Bill Gates is basically a great business leader, technologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and influencer. He is a charitable person who donates a huge amount of his income back to the society. The net worth of Bill Gates currently is estimated to be $110 billion.

Bill Gates along with Paul Allen founded Microsoft with an idea to simplify the operating of personal computers. Their vision was to make computers so affordable and easy to operate so that every desktop in every home in the world becomes a computer, and with their hard work, dedication, knowledge, skills and most importantly a passion for Technology, they proved it true to a great extent! Microsoft, with time, became so successful that it made Bill Gates the richest person in the world in no time. Bill Gates is called to be a Porsche collector as he mainly loves to own Porsche. He has Porsche 911, Porsche 930 and a rare Porsche 959. Overall only 337 Porsche 959 were produced, out of which he owns one.

Some of his great thoughts or the great “Bill Gates Thoughts” are

Bill Gates is a very charitable person. He is one of the biggest donators in the world in terms of his wealth. He donates around 45.6% of his wealth back to society. Gates being a great entrepreneur, business leader, technologist, and an influencer, empowers the youth through his life journey, thoughts and motivational talks. He is a great motivational speaker. Every person in the field of software and technology follows him.

Some amazing facts about William Henry Gates

The last one is the most famous quote of Bill Gates. Reading Bill Gates’ thoughts, one can learn the basics of living a great and happy life, the keys to success and entrepreneurial skills. Besides reading Bill Gates’ Thoughts and Quotes, you can also watch various motivational videos based on Bill Gates’ lifestyle, skills, way of thinking, success principles, etc. You can even watch the motivational and inspiring speeches by Bill Gates to learn how to succeed in life in the field of your interest!

• Gates had a keen interest in software development. He wrote his first code as a teen, which was a version of tic-tac-toe in which you could play against the computer!

• In the SAT exam, Gates scored a perfect 1590 score out of 1600.

• Gate was a college dropout, like most of the other successful tech entrepreneurs. He dropped out of Harvard University in 1975 because he wanted to devote his full time to his dream, Microsoft.

• Like the thinking of many rich entrepreneurs, Gates will leave behind only $10 million each to his children out of his $110 billion dollar net worth.

• According to Gates, if Microsoft wouldn’t have been successful, he would be working as a researcher in the field of Artificial intelligence.

• Reading is one of the main hobbies of Bill Gates. According to him, he reads 50 books in a year because he believes that through this he always try to learn new skills and improve his intelligence and understanding.

• Bill Gates doesn’t know any foreign language, which according to his is his biggest regret.

• Gates owns his own plane since the year 1997. He calls it his “big splurge!”

• Besides his plane, one of his biggest splurges was the Codex Leicester which is a collection of writings by Leonardo Da Vinci. He owned it at a 1994 auction for $30.8 million, which is huge!

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