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Inspiring Charlie Chaplin Quotes

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Charlie Chaplin Quotes

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977), broadly known as Charlie Chaplin, was an incredible English comic on-screen character, producer, and writer who got a major name and extraordinary notoriety in the time of “quiet movies”. His comic planning was so great and aptitudes so splendid that everybody truly adored him a ton and still everybody in the present time loves him. With his screen persona “The Tramp” he became one of the most important public figures in the history of the world, mostly the film industry. He started his career in early childhood only and his career lasted so long, almost about more than 75 plus years. He died at the age of 88 in Switzerland, which means his career began so early that most of his life he spent doing acting! His active years were from the year 1899 to the year 1976. His career only ended because of his death, otherwise, he was doing so well in the film industry and had become a legend.

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Charlie Chaplin had so much talent within that he wrote, directed, produced, edited, starred in, and composed the music for most of his films! Which means he was a multitasking personality. He was so perfect in his talent and he preferred perfection too himself and being financially independent, he spent a lot of time, months or mostly even years in the production of a picture! He didn’t release any film before he confirmed perfection in it. His films mostly had some inner theme along with great comedy, some deep meanings and life lessons, which was one of the greatest quality of his production films.

He had even received an Honorary Award in the year 1972 for “the efforts he put in producing his films with some meaning and great style”, which was one of the renewed appreciation of his works. He continues to be held in high regard, with The Gold Rush, City Lights 1931, Modern Times, and The Great Dictator, still ranked on the lists of the greatest films of all time in the world.

Charlie Chaplin Thoughts

Charlie Chaplin, being a legendary public figure worldwide, has not only his films and comic acting but also his thoughts very famous amongst people willing to get success in the film industry or any field of life. Success isn’t limited to any one field but the principles that lead to it are same for all, hence, the thoughts and quotes of the multi-talented and multitasking actor, the great Charlie Chaplin are really very famous that most of the people follow them to learn the key to success from them.

• Charlie Chaplin’s spouses:

Charlie Chaplin had married to four different women in his entire life. He got settled at last when he truly found happiness and a perfect relationship with Oona O’Neill, his last wife.

Charlie Chaplin’s first wife was Mildred Harris (1901-1944) with whom he married in the year 1918 after she believed she was pregnant and literally gave birth to Chaplin’s first child, who sadly died in only three days. They divorced in the year 1920 because their relationship was going towards the phase of harsh fights and broken trusts.

Charlie Chaplin’s second wife was Lita Grey (1908-1995). She had two children with Charlie Chaplin and their marriage (1924-1927) also came to a bitter end in court with divorce.

Charlie Chaplin’s third wife was Paulette Goddard (1911-1990). Their marriage lasted from the year 1936 to 1942. They also got divorced but it was not brutal, it was based on mutual terms and understanding.

And at last, Charlie Chaplin found his happiness and comfort in the relationship with his last wife Oona O’Neil when they married in June 1943. It seemed like they had found their soulmates! The interesting fact was that, during the time of marriage, Oona was just 18 and Charlie was 53, which is a huge age difference!

Charlie Chaplin was a legendary comic actor that cartoons were also produced on him in spite of his silent films. His silent films are still so famous that people still love to watch his movies as well as cartoons. He is considered to be the greatest comic actor of all time! You can easily find his comics, videos, cartoons and movies on the internet by searching for the keyword – “Charlie Chaplin Comedy”.

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