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English Shayari: Today, when short poetries and quotes are getting very trending in this world of social media, in India, Shayaris are ruling the world of feelings and emotions. Short poetries are getting trending because in only a few words they are full of deep meaning and emotions. Users on social media are literally loving them! Social media is the internet that is getting filled by another world of literature, full of short poetry and quotes. In India also, short poetries are very trending but, Shayaris are ruling the world of emotions.

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Shayaris are basically short quotes and poetries in the Hindi language. They feel so attractive and more emotional to the readers because, Hindi is the mother tongue of most of the Indians and hence, they mostly feel attached to the Shayaris rather than any other short poetries or quotes are written in any other language. The majority of people in India hence can relate a lot with Shayaris more.

Some of the great HindiShayaris are :

Based on different emotions, there are various different types of Shayaris available on the internet, they are – Love Shayari, Sad Shayari, Funny Shayari, Romantic Shayari, etc. Internet and social media are full of them. You can search for shayaris on internet by searching for the keywords- “Love Shayari”, “Hindi Shayari”, “Sad Shayari”, “Shayari in Hindi”, “Romantic Shayari”, “Hindi Quotes”, “Shayari Hindi”, “Love Shayari in Hindi”,etc. Based on any emotion, different kinds of Shayaris run over the internet.

Famous Shayari

Many people themselves love to write Shayaris of their own, it’s also a great hobby. People can easily share or write their emotions very precisely with the help of Shayaris.

On social media, users can also share their own or their favorite shayaris using the status uploading feature available on nearly every social media site and app. Whichever Shayari you like, just write it on status or just share the Shayari Image on the status so that people in your contacts can also feel them.

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