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Heartwarming Quotes About Best Friends

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Friendship Day Quotes

Since 1958, the International Friendship day is being celebrated all around the globe. The purity of friendship is cherished by everyone over the world. To stimulate the bond of friendship among people, Friendship day is enjoyed by people on various dates. Most of the nations such as India adopted the USA date of this day i.e First Sunday of August every year. Therefore, Friendship Day in India is observed on the 2nd of August for the year 2020.

On friendship day, one celebrates years-long connection with one’s friends or some people commence a ‘new one’ with a determination to take off together till infinity. Friendship Day has grown from handwritten letters and exchanging greeting cards to messages on social media platforms. But, still, the significance of this momentous day of Friendship stays the same. As friendship day will come near, social media will get buzzing with friendship quotes and images committed to friends.

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Here are a few friendship quotes to dedicate friendship day and to put in an emotional touch to your friend’s life-

A good and promising friend is the one who supports you, stands behind you when all others walk away. Friendship takes birth at that instant when two persons share something common between them. The bond of friendship is admired for life. Friends remain constant and never get change over the years. Friendship is a blend of all relationships rolled into one. Living separated for a long time doesn’t change the essence of the bond of friendship. Let us be thankful to the people who bring a smile on our faces; they are the wonderful gardeners who make our souls blossom. Friendship is like a glue that will always be with you even when everyone in this world turns against you. When feeling depressed or sad, a friend alone is enough to pull you out of that tragic moment. A genuine and true friend is difficult to find and fortunate to have. Good friends stand like stars for you. You don’t constantly watch them, but you realize that they’re forever there. Friends are blooms in the lawn of life.

Further, in the year 2011, the UN declared International Day of Friendship with the belief that friendship, which happens, between peoples, nations, and cultures can give rise to harmony in society.

It supports one’s esteem for diversity and engrosses in youths the concept of compatibility and sensitivity. Visualize, what would occur to the migrant problem if the concept of friendship dominates xenophobia? What made Russia oppose the US’ Seventh fleet for India? What binds Turkey to stand behind Pakistan? It has permanently been ‘friendship’.  

If not intended yet, you though have time to make out something that will compel your friend to feel special and bring about your day an outstanding one. Your shopping for friendship day can vary between greeting card store to gadgets’ shop.

The sentiments and beliefs related to friendship are tough to be analyzed. From historical times, there have been several examples of friendship that have transformed the universal meaning of mankind. The friendship is one such feeling that is nicely exercised by the poets and novelists into novels, scholarly works or films.

Intensifying the significance of friendship, the big ancient Greek Philosopher and scientist said, “Man is a sociable animal by character; a person who is unsocial inherently and not accidentally is either beneath our attention or far from being just a human. Society is something that comes before someone. Anyone who either cannot live an ordinary life or is so self-supported as not to want to and hence does not contribute to the society, I either a Beast or a God. “

Significance of Friendship Day

The notion of Friendship Day was bestowed by Joyce Hall, the architect of Hallmark Cards in the year 1930. Initially, it was recommended to commemorate the Friendship Day on 2nd August by exchanging greeting cards and other articles as the vacation festivities. The concept was later encouraged by the greeting card National Association in the 1920s but was not put up with a strong feeling as it indicated the retail strategy to facilitate the greeting cards in the label of Friendship Day.

The present-day actions in this way were noticeable when the US Congress in the year 1935 agreed to observe a day in the honor of companions and friends. However, the precise justification for the celebration of Friendship Day is not unfolded. The occasion was believed as an action that could eliminate the suspicion, hatred, and acrimony among people of different countries through the intense relations of worldwide friendship.

To function in the similar way, US Congress signified the First Sunday of August as Friendship Day through a legal declaration that was confirmed in the year 1935 as a holiday to celebrate the friendship. After that, several other nations likewise enlisted the celebration of this day and Friendship Day started to be commemorated in different countries as well. International Friendship Day was moreover concluded to be enjoyed on 30th July as per the resolution accepted by the United Nations in 2011. It was approved to develop a robust bond of friendship among people of different nations irrespective of their nationality, tone, gender, belief, race, and other such characteristics.

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