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(12 Feb)Happy Hug Day Quotes & Hug Images

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Hug Day Quotes

Hug Day, being the sixth day of Valentine’s week is celebrated across the world on 12th February every year. Hugging someone is a sweet gesture to showcase love and affection to the special people in your life. The gesture of hugging makes people happy. It builds a sense of safety among them and releases all the tension from their body. It definitely makes people feel better. Hugging is the best way to show someone that you missed them a lot.

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Hug Day Quotes

You must have heard this quote,”Hugging is a silent way of saying ‘you matter to me”. We all like a warm hug from our loved ones as it make us feel loved, cared, and safe in the arms of our speci person. Hugging is considered to be the best way to express your innermost feelings and show how much they matter to you.

On this special day, generally, lovers hug each other to express love and affection. But over the time, this day had is also celebrated by friends and family members too. People hug their friends and show that they will be always there to love, support and guide them in every step. Family members hug each other to express their love through the gesture of hugging.

Not only, a warm and gentle hug brings you physically close to someone; it also help to develop an emotional connection with that special person. There are many types of hugs that help to convey different feelings and emotions.

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A bear hug is that hug which is shared between lovers and friends who meet after a long time. A buddy hug is exchanged by two close friends. Those two friends put their arms around each other and give a light pat on the back. A hug  that occurs when you are in a hurry is called as quick hug. The hug shared by lovers in which they snug into each other’s arms and get super comfy, is called snuggle hug. During a sleepy shoulder hug, both partners wrap into each other’s arms and the girl slightly rests her head on man’s shoulder. It shows that the girls feel secure in the arms of her man.

We have given some hug day quotes that you can share to your special person.

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