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Jesus Christ Quotation & Teaching

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Jesus Christ Quotes

Jesus, God himself, can also be called Jesus Christ. He is called “The Son Of God” and is called God as per the Christian belief system. Jesus was the first Jewish preacher and religious leader. He was born and died in the Roman Empire. He lived till the age of around 33-36 years old. Jesus died because of the “Crucifixion”.

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Jesus Christ Quotes

The Crucifixion of Jesus most likely occurred between AD 30 and 33. The Crucifixion is marked as one of the greatest historical events, though it has no evidence and is completely based upon beliefs. The AD and BC eras were termed after Jesus Christ only as BC – Before the Death of Christ and AD – After the Death of Christ.

Though most of the modern philosophical students and researchers believe that Jesus really existed in history, there is literally no such evidence about that. The existence of Jesus is hence, completely based upon belief.

Jesus is believed to be born through a holy spirit and a virgin named Mary hence called as Mother Mary and is believed to die for the cause of atonement of the sin through the crucifixion. Jesus is believed to died and converted to spirit, rose from the dead and got back to the sky where God lives and is believed to return again. The Churches are set up as holy places according to the Christian religious system where the holy spirit of the Jesus lives and bless the humans as we humans are termed to be the loving child of The Jesus Christ and he is called as our Father. Hence the preacher at any church is called as “Father”. The Good Friday is celebrated as Jesus’s crucial honoured on that day only.

Jesus Calls: With increasing sins and fakeness in the world, the number of broken-hearted people is also increasing so, there’s a global ministry founded by the Late Dr D. G. S. Dhinakaran and Dr Paul Dhinakaran with a mission to heal millions of broken-hearted people of the world. The ministry is named after Jesus Christ because the animals including we humans are the children of Jesus and Jesus really love everyone equally and love a lot. Jesus Calls is very active on social media too. It posts different divine things such as Divine Quotes, Stories, Prayers, etc. on a daily basis!

The Jesus Christ is termed as one of the biggest religious preachers and is termed as the son of God according to the Christian belief system, hence, the Jesus Quotes are divinely famous to preach religious teachings to the stuck and lost souls, the humans! The internet and the social media are full of them, you can search for Jesus’s Quotes on the internet by searching for the keywords – “Jesus Quotes, Jesus Christ Quotes, Divine Quotes, Jesus Calls, Jesus pictures, Jesus Images, Jesus Christ images, etc.”.

Some of the famous Jesus sayings are:

Jesus Christ Quotes are very religious and hold great importance according to Christians.

Jesus Christ is a very divine symbol and Symbol of God, hence, his wallpapers are also very popular among the people who believe in God a lot, mostly the Christians. The cross of the crucifixion event is considered a very holy thing and symbol of God, hence the images of the cross are also very popular. You can search either on the internet or the social media for the Jesus Wallpapers or the Cross Wallpapers by searching for the keywords – “Jesus Wallpapers, Jesus Christ Wallpapers, Cross Wallpapers, Christian Wallpapers, etc.”

The songs of the Christians are basically the Jesus songs. They’re the religious kind of songs tend to pure our soul and mind and set our connectivity with the Divine God, the Christ, our Father. You can listen to Jesus Songs on the internet on any audio or video platform very easily.

Jesus is said to love his children a lot and no other than the living beings along with we humans are his children. Hence we can be called the Children of Jesus.

Jesus, hence, is God according to the Christian belief system and is the greatest religious preacher and leader in the history ever. His existence in history got no evidence but humans have great belief in him and his existence that he rules the whole world and we all are his children.

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