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Best Joker Wallpaper & Joker Quotes Of All Time

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People are loving the Joker Quotes a lot. Along with quotes, people like Joker’s style a lot too, that’s why they love Joker Images and Joker Wallpapers too much. Joker Quotes, Joker Images and Joker Wallpaper are trending now.

Joker, the identity, basically a villain in the dc movies, has gained more fame than many superheroes. This is because of his style and practical dialogues and actions about today’s society. Joker practically defines the condition of a common man in this age, how difficult his life is and how he handles society and its pressures. People relate to Joker a lot.

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Joker Wallpaper & Joker Quotes

The Joker was first seen in the Batman movie released by DC Comics. Because of his style and practical thinking as well as resemblance with common man, he got famous a lot that people started liking him more than any superhero. The Joker grew his own fanbase in this world and got trending.

Joker Sayings

Many actors tried to act for the role of The Joker for it’s various movies, but, only few made it to the top with their acting skills, only few were able to play it perfectly. Heath Ledger is the one Hollywood Actor who played the role of Joker so perfectly that the images of his scenes in the movie and roles became so popular that people started preferring them as even their wallpapers. Posters have also been published and sold worldwide on The Joker, the role played by Heath Ledger.

This role made Heath Ledger so famous that he’s been considered as one of the legendary actor in the Hollywood now! This role let Heath Ledger prove his talent and amazing acting skills worldwide with perfection.

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