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Lord Shiva Hd Wallpaper

Shiva (or Lord Shiva) is one of the most significant Gods of the Hindu religion. Along with Brahma and Vishnu, Shiva is contemplated as a fellow component of the divine trinity (Trimurti) of Hinduism. Shiva, being of perplexing personality characterizes morality, generosity, and integrity. Lord Shiva serves as the Protector but moreover, he has a darker aspect as well. He is considered to be the administrator of evil souls, ghosts, and vampires and also the master of robbers, scoundrels, and beggars.

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Shiva is further correlated with Time, and especially as the destroyer (or Vandaliser) of all creatures in this world. Nonetheless, Shiva is also related to creation ( or Composition) He is considered to be the Creator of this world. According to Hindu mythology, the galaxy regenerates itself after every 2,163,000,000 years and this cycle continues as such.

Shiva demolishes the universe at the end of each such cycle which then enables for a New Creation. Shiva is also considered as an incredible ascetic who resists all aspects of extravagance and amusement, focussing instead on meditation as a pathway to acknowledge true gratification. Shiva is the most powerful Hindu god for the Shaivism class, the patron of Yogis and Brahmins, and also the caretaker of the Vedas, the holy scripts.

Shiva Family

Shiva’s spouse’s name was Parvati, often known for his avatars as Kali and Durga. Parvati was a reincarnation of Sati (also known as Dakshayani), the daughter of the God Daksha. Daksha disapproved of the proposal of his daughter’s marriage to Shiva as he believed Shiva as unsuitable for his family. Furthermore, he carried out a unique sacrificial procession to all the deities except Shiva. Sati got very angry with his father’s actions and eventually threw herself on the sacrificial fire. Shiva responded to this mishap by generating two monsters (Virabhadra and Rudrakali) from his hair who wreaked destruction in the procession and killed Daksha. Then, other gods requested Shiva to stop the destruction. Shiva accepted the request and drew Daksha back to life but with the head of a goat. Sati was ultimately reincarnated as Parvati in her next life and she re-married Shiva.

Shiva with Parvati gave birth to his first son named Ganesha. Ganesha, the boy was formulated out of earth and clay to accompany and safeguard Parvati while his father, Shiva was out on his meditation. However, one day Shiva was returning back to Parvati but he found Ganesha patrolling the space where Parvati was bathing. Shiva enquired Ganesha as who he was. Shiva didn’t accept that Ganesha was his son, and thought of him as a stranger. Eventually, the Shiva called up the bhutaganas devils who fought the boy and finally succeeded in diverting him with the help of the dispay of a gorgeous Maya and, whilst he was adoring the beauty, they chopped off his head. At the chaos, Parvati hurried from her bathroom and cried out as her son had been assassinated. Acknowledging his misconception, Shiva then sent those demons in search of a new head. Shiva ordered them to bring the head of that particular child whose mother was sleeping away from his child. They found an elephant at the nearest. And so Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, was re-born. Other sons of Shiva and Parvati are Skanda (or Karttikeya), the God of war and Kubera, the God of wealth.

Ganga, the goddess epitomized the holy river the Ganges was offered to Shiva by Vishnu who wanted to end the consistent disputes between his then three wives of Lakshmi (the goddess of good fortune), Saraswati (the goddess of wisdom) and Ganga. To support Ganga’s drop to the earth, and curb such a considerable river devastating civilization, Shiva grabbed the Ganges in his hair topknot. Doing so, he depicted once again, his personality of self-sacrifice.

Lord Shiva Photo & Wallpaper

Many important gods of Hinduism has several stories regarding their personality and nature. Shiva, is one of those important Gods was described in many heroic tales that demonstrate his spiritual identity and give suggestions on the right way to carry on life. For example, self-sacrifice is emphasized when Vasuki, the emperor of Serpents, frightened to puke snake venom across the oceans. Shiva, took the avatar of a huge tortoise, and accumulated the venom in his palm and swallowed it. The venom scorched his throat and left a lasting blue scar. Therefore, one of his numerous titles came to be Nilakantha, which means Blue Throat.

Other names of Shiva are Mahadev (meaning the Great God), Shankar, Jatadhari (man with long hairs), Neelkantha (meaning blue throat) and many more.

We have compiled Shiva Quotes, Lord Shiva Quotes, Mahadev Quotes or Shiv Quotes for you in this article. These Shiva quotes will guide you through the tough times in your life and motivate you to stand strong in front of obstacles and sufferings. Shiva who himself is a self-sacrificing personality entails us to do the same for the betterment of our beloved and the whole universe.

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