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Maha Shivaratri Images 2020

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Maha Shivaratri 2020 Images

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival that is commemorated perennially in respect of Lord Shiva. The day signifies the day of the consummation of the wedding of Shiva with Parvati. According to the Hindu Calendar, a Shivaratri falls into every month on 13/14th day. But the Mahashivaratri comes once in a year in the months of February/March. This is why it has great significance for the Hindus. Maha means Great, Shiva being Lord Shiva and Ratri means Night. Therefore, MahaShivaratri means ” the Great Night of Shiva”.

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When is Maha Shivaratri in 2020?

In 2020, Maha Shivratri is falling on 21st February i.e. Friday.

Maha Shivratri holds great importance among all the festivals that are important in Hinduism.lt is dignified and signifies reminiscence of “conquering darkness and evils” in life and the world. This whole day is dedicated to Lord Shiva. People dedicate this day by memorizing Shiva and chanting prayers. Also, people do fasting, and meditate on morality and aspects such as self-control, goodness, non-violent to others, kindness, and the finding of Shiva. The ardent devotees resist their sleep and are awake all night. Other people go to Shiva temples or also on a pilgrimage to Jyotirlingams. Maha Shivratri is a historical Hindu festivity whose origin date is unspecified.

In Kashmir, the festival of Maha Shivratri is known by the name of Har-Ratri as Lord Shiva is also called Mahadev in India, and the famous chant “Har Har Mahadev” is the reason behind this name. The celebration of this festival is also marked by smoking Cannabis, particularly in countries like Nepal and India.

Maha Shivaratri, being a yearly festival devoted to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, is extremely significant in the Shaivism tradition of Hinduism. Most of the Hindu festivals are observed during the daytime, whereas the festival of Maha Shivaratri is commemorated in the evening time when the sky is dark. Also, unlike most Hindu festivals that incorporate the manifestation of cultural celebration, the Maha Shivratri is a dignified occasion important for its introspective emphasis, whole day fasting, doing meditation while remembering Lord Shiva, self-analysis, social peace and an all-night chanting at different Shiva temples.

The celebration comprises an all-night vigil and prayers which is called “Jaagran” because the devotees of Shiva and Hindus dedicate this night as “vanquishing darkness” in one’s life and the world through Lord Shiva. Fruits, leaves, sweets, and milk are offered to Shivlings in temples, people attain all-day fasting with traditional worship of Shiva, and some people also do meditative Yoga. In Shiva temples, “Har Har Mahadev” and “Om Namah Shivaya”, are the two common holy mantras of Shiva, which are chanted throughout the day.

Maha Shivaratri continues for three or ten days as specified in the Hindu lunisolar calendar. There is a Shivaratri in every lunisolar month. Since the months are 12 in a complete year, therefore Shivratris are also 12 in a year. The major or significant Shivaratri is called Maha Shivaratri, meaning big and enormous Shivaratri, which falls on the 13th day of the receding moon and 14th day of the Phagun month. The day falls in either February or March as specified in the Gregorian calendar.

MahaShivaratri Photos

There are several different mythologies that clarify the greatness of this festival of Maha Shivaratri. According to one of the mythologies, it is believed that Maha Shivratri is the night when Shiva enacts the cosmic dance of generation, conservation, and devastation. The chanting of mantras and hymns, the enchanting of Shiva scripts and the melody of believers recognizes Shiva’s existence everyplace. According to another story, this is the night when Shiva and Parvati got united by marrying.

Some other different stories claim that offerings like milk, fruits, and flowers to Shivalings and Shiva moortis, is a way to dissolve one’s past mistakes and sins if any and to start walking again on an ethical path in order to achieve Mount Kailasha and ultimately liberation.

A lot about Maha Shivaratri is cited in numerous holy books called Puranas, especially the “Skanda Purana”, “Linga Purana”, and “Padma Purana”. This medieval period holy texts regarding Lord Shiva tells several stories correlated with this festival. It is mentioned in the texts that this festival is marked by fasting and affection for Shiva Lingams.

Maha Shivaratri is also assumed to be the day of the enlightenment of the Adi Yogi or the first guru at the elemental tier of existence. According to Tantra, at this level of awakening, no materialistic experience takes place and the intellect is surpassed. The meditator goes beyond time, space and suffering. It is considered as the glorious night of the spirit when the yogi acquires the state of Shoonya or Nirvana, the stage prevailing samadhi or illumination.

These Maha Shivratri Quotes will deliver any devotee of Shiva or a serious Shiva admirer, an ideal mixture of sanctity and purity, by filling their hearts with enthusiasm towards Shaivism.

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