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Mahakal Status & Mahakal Images

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Lord Shiva also is known as “Mahadev” in Hinduism. Mahadeva has a key position in the Holy Trinity (Trimurti). Trimurti means three holy figures. The first figure of the three is Lord Brahma who has the position of a Creator, second is Lord Vishnu who takes the responsibility as the Preserver, and finally, Lord Shiva (Mahadev) basically, holds the role as the Destroyer.

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These three Gods define the rule of nature that is “Everything that has been created, has to be eventually destroyed one day”. The inception of these three deities is a big secret in itself. People assume that Brahma and Vishnu were born from Lord Shiva (Mahadev). However, there is no solid evidence to verify the same. This confusion provokes us to another important doubt as to how was Mahadev born??

Many people believe that Mahadev is a ‘Sayambhu’ which means that he has not been born from a human body as usual. He has generated automatically! He was there when nothing was there and he will stay even after everything is destructed. Due to this reason, he is also called the ‘Adi-Dev’ which means the ‘Oldest God of the Hindu mythology’.

Though, different tales indicate that Mahadev was created due to a controversy between Brahma and Vishnu. It is assumed that once, both these Gods (Brahma and Vishnu) were claiming with one another as to who was more powerful and superior. Unexpectedly, a blazing tomb appeared out of nowhere. The top and the bottom of the tomb were not visible. Both the Gods heard an oracle who asked them to find the starting and ending point of the blazing tomb, in order to decide as to who was more supreme of the two.

Lord Brahma instantly transformed himself into a goose and drifted upwards to find the top of the tomb. Likewise, Lord Vishnu also transformed himself into a boar and started digging into the earth to find the endpoint of the tomb. Both the Gods struggled hard but weren’t able to discover the top and the end of the tomb. When they both walked out, they found Mahadev (Lord Shiva) waiting for them. This made them understand that there is another supreme power that is controlling this universe whose name is Mahadev, the God of Gods! The never-ending tomb certainly signifies the continuous era of God Shiva.

While Mahadev’s birth remains to be an enigma, his avatars also gave rise to a bunch of queries. One of his avatars was Virabhadra that indicates vast vandalism and on another, Mahadev took the avatar of Kaal Bhairava to safeguard the Sati Pind.

On earth, Mahadev is popularly worshipped in the form of the Linga– which are found in every part of our country in the form of jyotirlingas. The Linga signifies manliness and personifies God Shiva’s role in the production, maintenance, and devastation of the Universe.

Why Is Lord Shiva Known As Mahakal?

Mahakal is an avatar of Lord Shiva(or Mahadev) who is worshiped especially at the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple of Ujjain in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is that avatar of the Mahadev which is widely honored by the believers of Lord Shiva across the world. The word ‘Kaal’ in Hinduism means “time” and the word ‘Maha’ means greatness. Mahadev is believed to be greater than time itself. Mahadeva (or Shiva) is so powerful that the theory of mortal time doesn’t influence him in any way. Rather, Mahakal has the strength to stop time itself, as he is the great destroyer of the Universe and all elements in it.

During the event of Daksha yagna, Sati put herself in the yagna fire when her father Daksha disallowed her to marry Mahadev. This annoyed Mahadev and he started his Tandav (the dance of death) which urged to demolish the whole universe. In this aspect also, Lord Shiva came to be known as Mahakal.

Mahakal Images

Another engaging story behind Mahadev’s being called Mahakal is the saga of a Brahman and his four sons, who were all virtuous followers of Lord Shiva. Once they were all busy in their rituals of worshipping Mahadev, and suddenly, a monster named Dushan attacked them. Dushan was very strong as he had earned a boon from God Brahma. Just as Dushan was about to attack the Brahmans,  Lord Shiva came out of the earth splitting, exemplified before him in his tremendous avatar of Mahakal. When Dushan denied to back down, Mahakal burnt him to ashes.

Then on the appeal of the people of Ujjain and king Chandrasena (who Shiva had also helped), Mahakal decided to stay back as the swayambhu murti or lingam of Mahakaleshwar. Mahakal Shiva who stays in the Mahakaleshwar Temple delivers blessings and conservation to the people from physical damages and evils, and to all those who appear to attend his religious shrine throughout the year.

Mahakal Status & Quotes

We have compiled Shiva Quotes, Lord Shiva Quotes, Mahadev Quotes or Mahakal Quotes for you in this article. These Mahadev or Mahakal quotes will guide you through the difficult times in your life and encourage you to stand strong in front of hurdles and miseries.

Mahadev Images

Shiva who himself is a self-sacrificing personality entails us to do the same for the betterment of our beloved and the whole universe.

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