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Missing Someone Quotes

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One of the worst feelings in the world is when you love someone a lot but due to some reasons, whether professional or personal, can’t be physically present with you and you start missing them a lot. When you miss someone, especially the person you love a lot, your heart starts beating and there’s a strange pain in your chest, isn’t it? That’s when feelings take over the consciousness and your eyes also start getting wet, making the brain numb. You usually miss someone when you’ve nothing to do and you’re all alone. (Missing Someone Quotes)

This mostly happens during lonely nights. When you love someone a lot, you even start missing them when you’re busy with some chores, doesn’t matter it’s day or night, because love is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. In love, we want our lover to be around us all the time, and when they’re not, we start missing them, even during our busiest hours! That’s why missing someone is one of the most painful feelings in the world.

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Missing You Quotes

In ancient times forget about the internet, there were not even telephones! People used to send telegrams or letters to their not so close loved ones with the help of pigeons! Can you believe that? Pigeons were trained enough to deliver the letters to the specific persons, but it took a lot of time in setting up communication through that, mostly weeks or sometimes even months. Ages passed and then the postcard system with delivery by the post offices came into this whole communication setup scenario. In this, post offices at different locations were set up to transfer the letters area wise. It reduced the time gap, but, it was still difficult to establish good communication between the loved ones until the invention of the telephone and then the internet!

Miss U Status

This is the digital age, the age of mobiles, computers, new technologies and most importantly, The Internet! Internet is one of the biggest inventions of recent times. Condition of the current time is like this, a person can live without drinking water or eating food, but can’t live without the internet. Social media is one of the biggest features of the internet. Social media has made even the farthest people very close to each other with features like chatting, status, text messages, video calling, etc. So, social media is one of the sweetest ways to tell someone that you miss them. Just type a text or design a picture related to missing someone and send it in just one click to others.

You can find various missing someone quotes and images on the internet by searching for the keywords – “Missing someone Quotes”, “Missing you”, “I miss you”, “Miss you quotes”, “Miss u status”, etc. Just select the perfect text or image with the help of internet search and just send it to your loved one through direct message or you can just share your feelings to your contacts in just one click by uploading an “I miss you” status. See, how easy social media has established a great communication between the loved ones! It has removed the communication gap to a great extent. Still, it is the age of new technologies, many new technologies are getting invented day by day, even the internet facilities are improving day by day.

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