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50 Powerful Women Empowerment Quotes To Inspire You

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Women Empowerment – In ancient times, it was believed that having a girl child is something to feel shame about. Our society was always male dominant, as we read stories about kings and their various queens, their bravery, etc. There are only a few stories or incidents of bravery about any queen.

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Women Empowerment Quotes

In older times, having a boy child was like having the biggest wish come true. Such thinking is called as rotten thinking. Because of such thinking and male dominance, Women Empowerment is necessary to be implemented and applied in our society practically!

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Time is changing, the World is changing. This age is the age of technology and creativity. In this age, with so much change in the society, still there male dominance can be seen very easily till now. The rotten ancient principles need to be changed now and with day by day changed thinking, women empowerment is coming into society. Success in any field should not be decided on the basis of gender.

Time is changing, before women were considered to be born only for cooking and doing household chores, now, women are winning over men in various fields which were before called to be suited only for men such as Army, Olympics, studies, entrance exams, art, creativity, etc.

Means in every field now women are challenging men fiercely, which is a thing to feel proud of. In spite of so much change in the thinking of the people, more change in the thinking of the society is needed. Society is still considered to be male dominant, which is wrong. In this age of democracy and. Equality, there should be no dominance of any gender, which the society still needs to learn and change it’s thinking.

Strong Women Status

Today is the time of the internet and social media. Even social media media and the internet are playing a great role in the field of women empowerment.

That means, there is a lot of material available on the internet that teach us about women empowerment deeply and clearly, because many times people misunderstand the concept of women empowerment. There is a trending term called feminism running in society and most of the people are misinterpreting it. Feminism is meant for the equal rights of the women but, people are misleading it.

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